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10 Cannabis Books To Enjoy During Social Distancing

Since its emergence in Wuhan, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the globe.

China was brought to a standstill. Italy and Iran are in the midst of mass outbreaks. Cases in Spain, Germany, and France are soaring. Within the U.S., confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported in all fifty states.

Vulnerable populations are at severe risk of death. Large gatherings have been banned. Hospitals and nursing homes are not admitting visitors. Only essential personnel are reporting to physical work locations.

Unfortunately, this is the new normal.

To flatten COVID-19’s curve, public health experts recommend we all practice social distancing.

Hopefully, you and your loved ones will not contract coronavirus, and boredom will be among the biggest challenges you’ll have to face during this pandemic.

With engaging in outdoor activities an extremely ill-advised idea, now is a perfect time to catch up on your reading. We’ve compiled a list of ten of our favorite cannabis-related books if you need some respite from the current dystopic conditions.

10 Enjoyable Cannabis-Related Books

How to smoke pot

How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High by David Bienenstock

Hilarious and informative read on the history of cannabis’ transformation from “demon weed” to its currently rapid mainstreaming within American society.


The Savage

The Savage Detectives by Robert Bolaño

An assortment of avant-garde poets/wanderers travel across Mexico in a ‘75 Impala and fund Lee Harvey Oswald, their literary magazine, by selling cannabis to students and fellow artists.



Growgirl: The Blossoming of an Unlikely Outlaw by Heather Donahue

The captivating story of how the star of The Blair Witch Project left the glitz of Hollywood behind to begin her new life as a grower in the pioneering years after California legalized medicinal cannabis.

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Published: May 03, 2020

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