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10 Cannabis Photographers Who Have Changed the Game

PHOTO Canna Obscura
Here’s a list of some outstanding cannabis photographers who have made waves in the industry in their own unique ways.

Cannabis Now has been keeping tabs on the cannabis photography niche for almost a decade now and there’s no question that since legalization and decriminalization have spread across the nation, the quality within the cannabis photographer community has grown tremendously. We have had the pleasure of working with many of these pros throughout the years and are excited to see the cannabis photography industry expand.

Here’s our round-up of some of the top cannabis photographers in the game and their unique stories.

1. Chris Romaine // @kandidkush

cannabis photographers chris romaine kandid kush

Chris Romaine didn’t expect to become a prominent cannabis photographer. Better known by the moniker Kandid Kush, Romaine was raised by fairly conservative parents and only took a mild interest in the arts during his youth.

2. Allie Beckett // @canna_obscura

TKO Room As the Grass Grows Cannabis Now Magazine

“Documentary photography is about capturing what’s there and I want to leave that up to interpretation and be the conduit for that,” says Beckett, who prefers candid photography and avoids composing and posing pictures whenever she can. “When you bring a subculture to light, people are going to have pre-judgments about it that you don’t want to reinforce.”

3. Devin Stein // @thingsfromsteinfarm

A Photographer’s Journey Inside the Super-Shiny World of THCA Diamonds

Seattle photographer Steinfarm captures the glory of the THCA diamond, a beautiful and potent extract that might not survive in legal cannabis markets.

4. Kristen Angelo // @apotfarmersdaughter

cannabis photographer Kristen Angelo

Cannabis photographer, Kristen Angelo, has seen many facets of the industry. “In the cannabis industry, I’ve met retired teachers, people from the insurance industry,” she said. “Everyone across the board, from conservatives to liberals. And I’ve enjoyed telling their stories.”

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Published: May 31, 2020

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