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10 reasons to switch from tobacco blunt wraps to natural palm leaf style wraps

Written by: Custom Cones USA

I remember smoking blunts in my early days – the excitement of choosing which cigar brand or flavor that would best accompany the strain of the moment brings about such great memories. Classic selections included Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, and Backwoods. Favorites depended on many factors and the great debate over the best blunt wrap will remain controversial for years to come. Blunt smokers have been splitting, gutting, and rolling their own herbal medleys using the same tobacco-derived wraps for decades; it was only a matter of time before alternatives would enter the market

For many, smoking is a ritual and blunt smokers have always been hesitant to consider using anything other than their favorite cigar wraps. Changing blunt wraps could mean a significant change to a smoking experience that they’ve been accustomed to for years. It often takes strong reasoning to convince blunt smokers to deviate from what they know and love and try something new like hemp wrap blunt cones or natural palm leaf blunts, especially with how inconsistent procuring good bud can be in the first place. I’ve got the top 10 reasons why you should finally make the transition from your traditional cigarillos to alternatives that are sure to win you over on the first puff. 

10 Reasons why you’ll want to switch from tobacco to pre-rolled natural leaf blunts:

  1. Health – We’re all familiar with the health risks of consuming tobacco on a regular basis.  Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. In addition, smoking-related illness in the United States costs more than $300 billion a year, including nearly $170 billion in direct medical care for adults and $156 billion in lost productivity. Alternative natural wraps could be just the thing to give your lungs and overall health much needed breaks from tobacco and the adverse effects associated with regular tobacco consumption. Not only will you be looking out for your own health, but you’ll also be freeing up medical resources for many others! Technically, smoking anything is bad, but compared to tobacco blunt wraps, you can also check out hemp wraps.
  2. Slow Burn – One of the best characteristics of smoking a blunt is how slow they burn. Alternative blunt wraps offer similar burn rates to keep your rotations going. Many natural wraps – like pre-rolled Tendu Leaves – burn even more slowly than most of the popular cigarillos sold today. You’ll be worry-free while your blunt wraps stay lit and burn nice and slow all the way through.  If you have ever smoked a King Palm blunt, the tendu pre-rolled blunts are very similar. King Palms is just the brand name and actually these are not palm leaves, so to speak, rather Cordia Leaves – either way, they still burn great!
  3. Taste – It’s all about the terps these days! Tobacco-free wraps offer the opportunity to taste more of your favorite terpenes without the overpowering tobacco flavor present in traditional blunt wraps. You’ll be able to determine which strains are truly providing the best terps to your smoking sessions. Best terps = best buds and it goes without questions that you should know exactly when you’re smoking the premium. Even within natural wraps, you will be able to experience all sorts of complementary flavors for your herb. For example, hemp wraps will complement your flower with deep mellow notes of hemp, whereas a natural palm product or pre-rolled tendu blunt will have an earthy flavor and sometimes smoother, but they may cover up some of the natural terpenes.
  4. Smell – The combination of tobacco and cannabis can be an all too pungent smell that lingers for much longer than most of us care for. Your relatives will be elated when your clothes, cars, and homes are finally tolerable for their delicate nasal passages. You’ll be able to minimize questions and comments that become exhausting over time and maintain peaceful smoking environments all because you made the transition from tobacco leaves to an alternative natural wrap.
  5. Price – Stop paying more for your wraps than the actual material that you’re rolling up! As the most popular cigarillo brands and smoke shops continue to raise prices (Backwoods smokers, I know you hear me on this one), transitioning to alternative natural leaf wraps will help keep your monthly budget in order. Most tobacco-free wraps are offered in multi-packs for a fraction of the price that you’d pay for a single traditional cigarillo. You can even buy bulk palm blunts from sites like Custom Cones USA and save even more money!
  6. Effect – Without the added “buzz” from tobacco-derived wraps, consumers are able to get a true feel for the effect of their herb. Alternative blunt wraps will quickly reveal if you’re really smoking premium like your favorite salesperson promised or if that cannabinoid percentage on the label is true to the smoking experience after all.  It only makes sense to have a strong understanding of the material that you’re consuming regularly.
  7. Unique aesthetic/experience – Stand out among others when you pass around a nice palm leaf or hemp wrap. Spark up a banana leaf blunt on the beach or stuff a flower petal blunt for that special Valentine’s Day session; alternative blunt wraps are great for special occasions. Even if you’re in rotation with traditional blunt smokers, many will admit that it’s nice to smoke something different for a change.
  8. Hand Rolled/Pre-Rolled – Most alternative blunt wraps are rolled into cones or tubes for ultimate convenience. It will take a fraction of the time and effort used to roll a traditional blunt to fill something that is pre-rolled and ready to stuff with your favorite strains.  Free yourself from the frustrations of learning how to roll and grab a blunt wrap that’s produced to make the entire experience easier for you!
  9. Size Options – There are many tobacco-free wraps that offer sizes to accommodate much more than 1g of material! From your every day sessions to those huge 4/20 gatherings, you’ll have the perfect sized wrap for every occasion. There’s also the added bonus of someone commenting on how big the blunt is when referring to what you’ve just sparked up and passed over. Who doesn’t want to bring the “fatty” to the party?
  10. Extras! – While many tobacco companies overlook the preferences of those looking to split, gut, and use only the remaining wrap, the companies that offer tobacco-free wraps keep herbal smokers in mind with useful items included right inside of the packaging! You’ll find crutches/tips that help to keep the “scooby snacks” at bay and ensure that the smoke is cooled as it flows through. There are also sticks often included for stuffing anything pre-rolled. You’ll wonder why it took so long to switch to companies who are focused on herb smokers just like you.

More research is necessary to definitively determine the effects of smoking both cannabis and tobacco simultaneously, but we know that consuming tobacco regularly comes with risk. With cannabis and hemp decriminalization sweeping the country, consumption has skyrocketed and users are taking a second look at what they’re deciding to put into their bodies. Now, blunt smokers are searching more than ever for alternatives that may be healthier than their usual tobacco-derived cigar wraps. Ultimately, smoking will never be deemed as healthy, but if it’s your chosen method of consumption, there are plenty of natural alternatives that will allow you to enjoy what you love about the experience while minimizing risk. 

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