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10 Southern California dispensaries to score some incredible edibles

Fleur de sel cannabis chocolates from Marigold Sweets   Courtesy of Marigold Sweets

Cannabis edibles have evolved far past boxes of brownie mix and ground flowers

What are the things that people look for from a cannabis dispensary? Price is a factor, of course, as is quality and design (in other words, a retail space that doesn’t resemble a college dorm room). But the most vital element of any cannabis dispensary is an informed and educated staff — also known as budtenders — who fully understand the products they’re selling, and can explain those products in terms that make sense, much like a wine sommelier.

When seeking out edibles in Los Angeles, budtenders become even more crucial, helping customers to navigate flavor, feeling, and proper dose amounts when purchasing edibles for recreational use. Here now, are 10 worthy dispensaries that offer a wide selection of edible cannabis to try.

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Published: May 11, 2021

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