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17 Cannabis Cryptocurrencies To Get High On

Want to invest in a cannabis cryptocurrency backed by seeds? Rent a cannabis co-working space? Or do you just want to buy herb without carrying cash around? These cannabis cryptocurrencies will help you do all this and more.

Keep in mind that cannabis cryptocurrencies solve the biggest problem facing the cannabis industry: the inability to access banking and credit card processing. Instead of transporting armored cars worth of cash, cannabis businesses can process transactions and even open a bank account, thanks to weed cryptocurrency.

And we don’t just mean bitcoin. These cannabis cryptocurrencies built on blockchain are changing future of the weed industry, legal and otherwise.

17. Budbo (BUBO)


Budbo is a decentralized blockchain technology designed to help cannabis businesses stay in total compliance with the law. It caters to all different types of cannabis businesses. Specifically, this weed cryptocurrency is designed for cannabis cultivators, retailers, distributors, researchers, laboratories and manufacturers.

What is blockchain for cannabis? Blockchain is, at its core, a ledger for recording transactions that you cannot alter thereafter. For instance, a weed producer wants to track what nutrients they’ve given their plants, and where the plant is in the flower life cycle. A dispensary wants a cheap and efficient record of sales and point of sale system. A customer wants a guarantee that they’ll receive that they paid for, which could take the form of a smart contract.

Budbo offers all these services. All of this is possible thanks to the Budbo token, which runs on Ethereum. In their ICO, Budbo raised $30 million.

16. BlazerCoin (BLAZR)


BlazerCoin came out in 2017. There can only ever be 294,336,000 of this open-source, PoW-backed cryptocurrency.

More interested in earning cryptocurrency? BlazerCoin is offering 564,480 BLAZR coins as “bounty.” This means that anyone who promotes BLAZR (on Twitter, for instance) or finds an issue with it, will be rewarded with crypto.

You can find BlazerCoin on YoBit and CoinExchange.

15. Marijuanacoin (MAR)


Marijuanacoin exists somewhat in the shadows. This cryptocurrency platform began in 2016 with the goal of giving people a way to buy weed with cryptocurrency from dispensaries.

Currently, the only place to buy Marijuanacoin is Cryptopia. All 1,631,601 MAR coins are in circulation. Though Marijuanacoin continues to trade, the website for the Marijuana Coin platform is no longer functional, and their Twitter hasn’t been active since 2017.

14. Bongger (BGR)


Though you may not have heard of Bongger, this crypto is aimed at cannabis enthusiasts. Not only is Bongger an open-source weed cryptocurrency, but it’s a charity, too. The Bongger Foundation supports cannabis research and provides medical marijuana treatment to those in need.

You can directly donate BGR to the Bongger Foundation. It also functions as a regular cryptocurrency, meaning that you can use it as an asset or unit of trade. So far, Bongger exists on Cryptopia, Coincodex, Coinlib and Bitgur exchanges. Additionally, there are four Bongger mining pools.

So far, only 504 Bonger coins have been mined.

13. Cannation (CNNC)


We don’t know much about Cannation. This peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, which came out in April of 2017, does not have a functioning website, nor a publicly available whitepaper.

We do know, however, that it uses hybrid PoW and PoS verification. Furthermore, all of the 2,476,893 CNNC are in circulation. You can exchange for CCN on Nova Exchange, CoinExchange, Cryptopia and YoBit.

12. Sativacoin (STV)


When Sativacoin launched in 2014, it was an open-source blockchain. Originally, STV had the same goal as many other cannabis cryptocurrencies: become the market’s go-to crypto for buying weed.

But since then, Sativacoin has pivoted to become a cryptocurrency for hemp and other goods. More specifically, you can buy weed-related clothing with Sativacoin. It also has its own marketplace, Sativa Exchange, where you can exchange LTC, ETH and BTC for STV. Additionally, Cryptopia, YoBit and NovaExchange trade STV.

Since 2016, Sativacoin has not been open-source.

11. CannaCoin (CCN)


Cannacoin is an open-source cannabis altcoin that runs on its own decentralizedblockchain. Forked off Litecoin, Cannacoin uses Proof of Stake-Velocity.

It also has its own Cannacoin wallet. And because Cannacoin is open-source, developers can use it to create other applications. For instance, CannaPay a website devoted to cannabis credit cards and undergoing its own ICO, is connected to Cannacoin’s protocol. Cannasight, another Cannacoin project, lets developers create a variety of open-source applications.

Keep in mind that though Cannacoin has been around since 2014, most of its projects are in early stages of development. Currently, you can only buy Cannacoin on Cryptopia.

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Published: October 12, 2018

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