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21 stoner-approved gifts guaranteed to be a hit with cannabis enthusiasts

(Roselly Monegro / For The Times)

This is part of the L.A. Times 2021 gift guide. See the full guide here.

Thanks to California’s maturing recreational cannabis market (it’s been a thing since January 2018) and the ever-quickening pace of technological advancement, this holiday season arrives with a bumper crop of ganja-themed gifts and gadgets. From old-school tools and high-tech toys to stow-and-go low-dose edibles, there’s something for practically every pot-loving person you’re planning to pick up a present for.

Proto Rocket Pipe

Photo of a metal tool
(Angela Lau)

Willits, Calif.,-based Proto Pipe gave the world the Swiss Army Knife of pot pipes back in 1970. Practically indestructible, it’s a perfectly palm-sized, hand-machined piece of brass that features a lid that swivels closed, a permanent screen, a stash pod that holds about five bowls worth of herb (the closed end can be used as a tamper) and an onboard poker that holds the whole shebang together — when it’s not being used to clean the screen or bowl. In addition to the classic model (virtually unchanged since the 1976), there’s also the newer Rocket (pictured) with a rounder bowl and a resin trap that swivels open for easier cleaning.

$98.95 | 👉 Purchase here

Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

Photo of a pink lazy susan
(Blazy Susan)

Sure, it’s got a pot-related pun (lazy Susan + blaze = Blazy Susan, get it?), but the cannabis-minded tweaks made to this old-school table-top accessory — two joint-rolling areas, a silicone slap (for concentrates), dedicated slots for stash jars, grinders, lighters and other smoking accouterments — make it as functional as it is funny. Available in a variety of painted and natural-wood finishes (including pink, pictured here with modular silicone ashtray and dab-station inserts and other accessories sold separately).

$99.99 | 👉 Purchase here

Staze Vacuum-Seal Jars

A photo of three vacuum-seal jars.

If a can of Red Bull had a lovechild with a flashlight, it would probably look a lot like Staze’s sleek plastic stash jar thanks to a chunky screw-off cap that holds a built-in vacuum pump. Simply unscrew the top, stow up to a ¼-ounce of weed inside, twist it shut and pump until you hear a satisfying click. Boom! You’ve created an airtight vacuum seal that will prolong the life of your bud. There’s also a carbon filter under that cap, which makes the lightweight, stow-and-go jar odor-proof too. Sold individually or in sets of three (pictured).

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Published: November 04, 2021

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