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5 Women to watch in cannabis in 2022

They’re making an impact in the industry.

True confession: I debated writing this article. Not because women don’t deserve recognition in the cannabis industry, but because some women are tired of attaching “female” or “woman” to their titles. They would rather be known for what they do than a woman doing it. On the other hand, people will type “women in X” into google to find successful role models and for opportunities like conference speaking. And, quite frankly, many accomplished women have supported my career growth.

So in that spirit of celebration, not marginalization, here is a list of women in cannabis who have had an impact on me or are just plain badass.

Ivy Mix

Ivy Mix is the co-founder of Flyers Cocktail Co., a company combining legitimately great-tasting booze-removed cocktail mixes with CBD, and an accomplished and award-winning bartender and entrepreneur (including James Beard Award-nominated Leyenda in Brooklyn, New York).

As consumption lounges start to launch operations, I see a massive opportunity for cannabis/hemp drink-mix space in that space. Given Ivy’s prior accomplishments, if she and her co-founders pursued a consumption space in New York, it will likely be fantastic.

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Published: March 16, 2022

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