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6 Cannabis Brands Owned and Operated by Musicians

April is spring break, 420, and the start of festival season. So, this round up is dedicated to musicians that own and operate cannabis brands and businesses. Musicians and cannabis go together like chicken and waffles, it seems.

In fact, a recent study published in medical review journal Frontiers in Neurology showed that painkillers were ninety percent more effective when combined with music, than when painkillers were taken alone.

While cannabis has, unfortunately, not been adequately researched for its potential pain-relieving benefits, it does goes well with music–as you’ll see from this list of musical cannabis players, movers, and shakers:

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Snoop Dogg–Simply put, Snoop is a cannabis king with indisputable street cred, who has parlayed cannabis into a budding empire. In 2016, Canadian mega-cannabis conglomerate Canopy Growth brought on the rapper’s Leafs by Snoop brand with some sweet shares and stock options. Since then, other celebs have come under the Canopy umbrella–most recently, Seth Rogan, as well as Snoop’s friend and cooking show co-host Martha Stewart. The Dogg’s newest trick? Last year his venture capital firm Casa Verde Capital raised $45 million to invest in cannabis businesses.

Marley_Natural_mgretailerThe Marley Family–If Snoop is a king, then the Marleys are the royal family of cannabis; part of the legacy of near divine stature for late, legendary reggae musician and family patriarch Bob Marley. With eleven children, several family members are cannabis entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Youngest son Damien Marley is a musician and co-owner of legendary Rolling Stone magazine with a group of investors. Sister Cedella has authored a cannabis cookbook and is CEO at Marley Natural, the family’s cannabis brand. Another brother, Stephen, has curated Miami-based Kaya Fest, an event that celebrates reggae, cannabis, and natural living–where the family annually unites to play the main stage. This year’s fest is on April 20th, in Miami.

WilliesReserveTin5Pack_mgretailerWillie Nelson–How cool is it to be Willie Nelson, who became a cannabis icon just by being honest about its use? One reward of longevity is that you live to prove you were right about some things and, at 85, Nelson is the elder statesman of chill. Musician, singer/songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, and activist, Nelson has been a longtime proponent of cannabis as co-chair of NORML’s advisory board; he also has advocated for the environment, animal welfare, LGBT causes, and co-founded the Farm Aid fundraiser. He also owns a biodiesel company. His cannabis ventures include Willie’s Reserve, his curated cannabis product brand, and Willie’s Remedy, a CBD-infused whole bean coffee blend.

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Published: April 09, 2019

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