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A Rare Glimpse of Wiz Khalifa’s Los Angeles Home

“I don’t bring people to my house,” Wiz Khalifa says of the Mediterranean-style residence he shares with his 5-year-old son Sebastian

Wiz Khalifa, who became famous for his Steelers’s anthem Black and Yellow in 2010, is a Pittsburgher, but one with a current address in Los Angeles, California. Since 2016, the music artist has established a West Coast home in a Mediterranean-style residence with extensive views, which he rents for $16,000 per month. “It was a really good area. We had a look around and I didn’t really want to be too far away from where I work and where I go to the gym and my son’s school,” Khalifa explains of his final selection of the home. “It was a good area for me to have privacy.”

The six-bedroom house is, in many ways, dedicated to his 5-year-old son, Sebastian (whose mother is Wiz Khalifa’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose). “He plays downstairs and he has a playroom upstairs with more books and educational stuff. There’s one downstairs with toys and one upstairs with books. The majority of the space in my house is for him, so the more areas where he can have to do his thing the better,” Khalifa, an obviously devoted dad, explains.

Khalifa's weed bar.

Khalifa’s weed bar.

Photo by Sam Frost

Wiz Khalifa Gives AD a Rare Glimpse of His Los Angeles Home

Khalifa perched on one of his cars outside his home.

Photo by Sam Frost

But there are areas specifically for adults, too: The music artist—who has boastedabout his $10,000 a month marijuana habit and who has established his own brand, Khalifa Kush (or, “KK”)—has installed a weed bar. The corner is decorated with a custom “High Life” neon sign as well as his glass accessories. “Anybody who smokes pot has a little section of their house that’s looks like that,” he rationalizes. (To be clear, this isn’t for partying. “I don’t bring people to my house,” Khalifa says.)

The pool area of Wiz Khalifa's Los Angeles home.

The pool area of Wiz Khalifa’s Los Angeles home.

Photo by Sam Frost

Although Khalifa put a studio in the home, since he’s “been working from home for some years,” his favorite room is his bedroom: “It’s just got a nice view, but I don’t get to sleep in my bed a lot when I’m traveling and stuff like that. So if I’m home and not hanging out with my son then I’m in bed.”

To make the rental feel like home, Khalifa worked with interior designer Michelle Silva, who collaborated with Liz Tapper of Liz Tapper Interiors, and Tricia Morrison of Details by Others. “I think, overall, we were looking to achieve a design that we thought was indicative of who he was: a father, an entertainer, a free spirit, and a creative,” says Silva. “He is so young, so we wanted to keep the design playful and super hip. We wanted to bring out the fun and interesting materials because of the connection with fashion. It had to be something that reflected his personality and his lifestyle with vibrant choices but also provides a lot of the comfort.”

The main accent color around the house is blue, although the black-and-yellow game room is Steelers-themed, complete with a pool table in honor of the Pittsburgh football team (this is also where he showcases his awards). Throughout the house, there is a focus on luxe fabrics and materials when it comes to the furniture, which was custom created at Marso Studio. The walls are well-decorated with Wiz Khalifa’s art collection. “I meet a lot of different artists who do stuff and give me stuff. I don’t go out and buy because the best art usually just comes from people who are interested in giving it to you,” says Khalifa. The home is also filled with personal photos of Khalifa’s own, including plenty of his son. “We worked with his management to get pictures from his personal photographer so we could have them framed,” explains Silva. “There was imagery of his tattoos, so we enlarged that to make this oversized abstract art piece and I think that was really meaningful to him. We really tried to incorporate pictures of him and his son together.”

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Published: July 16, 2016

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