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A Unique Course Aims To Teach Cops About Cannabis

The online seminar will be powered by real-life law enforcement experience.

Few relationships are as historically fraught as that between United States law enforcement and users and purveyors of cannabis. In the legalization era, that’s a problem — and one company has stepped up to close the gap. California cannabis educational group Green Flower Media has served over 10,000 people with its online marijuana educational courses, and it recently announced a new seminar that may be the first of its kind. Starting next year, it will be offering a training program for cops who are looking to learn the ins and outs of legal weed.

The course came about via a strategic partnership with a police chief from the beach town of Port Hueneme, California. Though the city’s county had previously opted out of recreational or medicinal cannabis sales, Port Hueneme’s budget deficit of $1 million compelled local authorities to reconsider their relationship to the cannabis industry.

There was much pushback to the idea of legalizing local marijuana sales; many thought that legal weed would bring in crime. When retail cannabis sales were finally permitted in eight dispensaries within the 22,500-person jurisdiction and a five percent tax on gross sales enacted, Port Hueneme saw results to the tune of $175,000 a month in city revenue — not to mention a concurrent dip in local crime rates.

Some 45,000 people visit the town’s cannabis stores each month, resulting in 210 jobs that would not have existed without marijuana. The town has also been able to purchase a hundred new beds for its homeless shelter, and to fund a Fourth of July fireworks show with the additional one percent of gross sales that cannabis companies are required to donate to a local fund.

That, says Port Hueneme police chief Andrew Salinas, has made it all the easier for his cops to shift their relationship to cannabis. But they were still without some of the key pieces of knowledge they needed to effectively work within the new legal system.

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Published: November 28, 2019

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