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Affordable Handheld Cannabis Testing Device

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Can cannabinoid levels in plants be accurately measured without spending money on lab tests or inaccurate devices?

The levels of cannabinoids in plants vary from day to day and choosing the most efficient harvest timing is often challenging. Many growers face difficulties when monitoring their plants due to expensive or inaccurate test. They all ask the same question. “How to achieve max yields at max cannabinoid potential?”

Growers are bound to spend a fortune on laboratory tests or inaccurate testing devices. According to Forbes, the lab machinery is expensive and their staff scientists are well-paid professionals. For example, testing equipment may cost $600,000, but then they may only be testing 2 samples a day for maybe $100 each.

Eclipse Diagnostics, a biotech startup went a step or two further. This LA-based startup gives you everything you need to know about your cannabinoid content for as low as $15.

Eclipse Diagnostics developed an easy-to-use portable testing device Canabinox. The device is used for monitoring of cannabinoid levels in fresh or dried plants and their products. This LA-based startup expects its handheld testing device to help growers to effortlessly and quickly measure cannabinoid levels at affordable rates.

The CEO and founder, Luka Fajs explains that Canabinox is different from portable alternatives because it is based on proprietary multispectral technology, which enables lab grade accuracy at low costs. How low you may ask? The device itself will be on the market for $200 a piece and test tubes will go for as low as $15 each.

Use cases

The handheld cannabis reader can be used at every step of the cannabis value chain:

  • Internal quality control for growers,
  • Check final product quality,
  • Check the cannabinoid profile of edibles, oils, etc.,
  • Check the cannabinoid content in hemp,
  • Check cannabinoid content in cannabis trimmings, extracts, isolates,
  • Differentiate between recreational use vs. medical cannabis.

How Canabinox Works?

The proprietary system is comprised of a handheld reader that enables readings of the individual, single-use tubes that contain plant extraction chemical and is linked to a smartphone app via bluetooth.

You just take a piece of the ground plant into the one-time use disposable tube and leave it for around 5 minutes to extract. Insert the tube in the reader, press “Measure” in the smartphone app and get the results in 10 seconds.

“At the moment we enable measurement of THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBC and CBN” states Fajs.

“We want to apply this technology to a variety of industries in the future because the idea was to develop an accurate and affordable substance testing device for all purposes.

Eclipse Diagnostics is fundraising to launch product to the market through equity crowdfunding at StartEngine, where anyone can become a shareholder for as low as $495.

You can now become a part of the company, become a shareholder and help spread the word about this revolutionary device. Check out the campaign at

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  • Endoftheroad
    August 8, 2020 at 5:31 PM

    Sign me up! I need this for testing my homegrown cancer meds…

  • Max Wright
    July 9, 2020 at 8:08 AM

    I’m interested in your testing products and would like information regarding purchasing of 1 to multiple units. Any other information you can provide about testing for toxins, pesticides and heavy metals, if you have products available for these additional testing applications.

  • Jeremiah
    March 27, 2020 at 5:16 AM

    How do I purchase ?
    What is the cost?

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