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B-Real excited about breaking into the New York market with Dr. Greenthumb

Cypress Hill and Dr. Greenthumb’s B-Real: “Who knows what normal is anymore? Hopefully, they get some sort of normality happening.” (photos by Eitan Miskevich)

Cypress Hill frontman B-Real has another job – running his cannabis enterprise Dr. Greenthumb, which has six stores in California and a seventh opening soon in San Diego. During the pandemic, it’s kept him busy.

“It’s tough juggling being an artist and having to deal with all of that,” he tells CelebStoner. “Fortunately, I have a great staff that’s dealing with that particular aspect of it.”

Expanding Dr. Greenthumb to other legal cannabis states is the goal.

“To operate out of state you have to have the right team to do due diligence, and the necessary paperwork to acquire the licenses and be operating in compliance,” B-Real explains. “But also, you need the brand that stands out, because there are competitors everywhere. If you’re going to open up in a place that’s not necessarily your backyard, you better have a big enough brand to compete with the folks that people already know.”

A recent effort to move into the Oklahoma market was scuttled. “We are getting ready for that out-of-state expansion,” he says. “By next year we should be out of California.”

“It’s good that finally we’re seeing the progress that we thought we could see, especially in New York.”

With legalization passing in New York, he has an eye on the Empire State.

“New York helped break our band,” B-Real notes. “We’ve been fortunate to be blessed with fans there that have been with us since Day One, from the music to the cannabis advocacy. We used to throw events with High Times in New York at Wetlands. Those were some of the most incredible shows. From that we were able to carry on a tradition of throwing an annual show there every Halloween to give our thanks to the roots of how we started. We’re a West Coast band that started on the East Coast. For that we were always thankful.

“I know our New York fan base is very aware of Dr. Greenthumb. So I know if I brought that over to New York, they would want to experience that culture and those California flavors. It would be a great thing for us as a company to plant our flag in the city that pretty much made us.”

Cypress Hill are celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2021. The group’s self-titled debut album came out in August 1991. A documentary by Esteven Oriol and a graphic novel, as well as a new album, are all in the works.

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Published: April 26, 2021

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