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Barneys ‘High End’ Cannabis Shop is Too Luxe For True Stoners

The High End at the Beverly Hills, California, location of high-end department store carries big-ticket marijuana accessories. It does not sell any actual weed, however. (Photo courtesy of Barneys New York)

The luxury department store Barneys New York opened a cannabis lifestyle shop in its Beverly Hills location in March 2019. Weedmaps News sent columnist Lindsey MaHarry to review the custom luxury space.

On the fifth and top floor of Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, California, is a desolate place with an empty mirrored restaurant that leads to circular shelves of marked-down men’s footwear. Past all of that, nestled as far away from any relevant section of the store as possible, is a chartreuse enclave known as High End, the luxury retailer’s foray into the world of weed.

The aptly named lifestyle shop is a bold move for a company who’s spent the last century catering to the material whims of the world’s richest people. While the existence of High End is indicative of the major shift legality has brought to the public’s perception of cannabis, Barneys overly cautious execution feels self-conscious, the merchandise contrived.

While it’s pretty cool there’s a weed shop in Barneys, High End also functions as a reminder not to confuse corporate America’s enthusiasm for making money off cannabis with an actual understanding of the culture itself.

With no signage outside, shoppers must catch High End etched in black letters on a translucent glass case to even know the department is there. The space is discrete and intentionally understated. Products are displayed about the mid-century-modern-style room in glass cases, on marble tables, or on metal shelves.

Because High End doesn’t have a state or local license to sell cannabis, they’ve partnered with Beboe, the cannabis brand to the stars once dubbed by The New York Times as the “Hermès of Marijuana”, founded by celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell and former fashion executive Clement Kwan. Customers can browse dummy Beboe products (there is no THC on site, so the packages are empty), order in the store on an iPad, then receive their purchase at home in about a half-hour through Beboe’s partner delivery service, Emjay.

As Beboe is the only consumable cannabis brand available for purchase, High End takes the concept of “cannabis lifestyle” products to a whole other level, sparing no expense in redefining the boundaries of the term.

There’s the $625 case for a mini Bic lighter. And the Tuileries Pre-Rolled Paper Cone Set, so someone who doesn’t know how to roll a joint can pay $80 for six empty pre-rolled hemp rolling papers. And a $920 ashtray made from chrome-plated brass and the horn of an African bull. A $1,250 necklace to hold a $30 Pax vape. And a number of $400 twisted glass pipes that look like something a street vendor would hawk on Hollywood Boulevard for much less than $400.

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Published: April 25, 2019

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