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California AG urges congress to protect trademarks from being used in cannabis packaging

California’s Office of the Attorney General issued a press release on Wednesday urging Congress to aid major brands in protecting their trademarks against cannabis edibles that are packaged to resemble the brand.

The release said there is a bipartisan coalition seeking to pressure Congress to enact the legislation, which would give manufacturers the ability to enforce their trademarks and protect them from copycats.

Specifically, cannabis-infused edibles are being packaged to resemble popular food and candy products such as Cheetos, Fruity Pebbles, and Sour Patch Kids, per the release. The edibles are then marketed to children and teens, boasting “levels of THC at many times the legal limit.”

The press release asserts that children as young as 12 have been using cannabis products intentionally. Calls to the Poison Control Center and visits to the emergency room have also seen an increase, specifically for children from the ages 0-19, per the government. Last year, Attorney General Bonta warned California residents about the cannabis-infused products being packaged to resemble normal brands in a consumer alert.

Attorney General Bonta explained that “while cannabis-infused edibles packaged to look like our favorite brands may seem harmless and fun, these illegal and unregulated products may be dangerous, particularly for children.” Since California has a legal and regulated cannabis market, Bonta stressed there was a need for “creative solutions to protect against illegal and unsafe products, so consumers can feel confident in the products they are purchasing and the legal market can thrive.”

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Published: June 23, 2022

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