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California Cannabis Consumption lounges are coming this Spring.

January 2018 marked the beginning of the recreational marijuana in California, and while some assumed it was an open invitation to smoke in public, cannabis consumption was only allowed to take place on private property or special permitted events. Later the year West Hollywood garnered plenty of attention when they announced the approval of  40 new licenses and 16 of those businesses will be allowed to have on-site cannabis consumption. My visions of a girls night at the local bar coupled with live music and my favorite joints are finally becoming a reality.

 A cannabis consumption lounge just opened up.

One night while scrolling through Instagram stories, a cannabis artist named @greentigerlilly grabbed my attention with images and videos she posted from an event she was hosting, it looked like she was at a “Cannabis Bar!” Live music, an energetic crowd, and cannabis connoisseurs in the background having fun and smoking in a public setting, I had to go. Crossing my fingers, I sent a message through Instagram hoping for an invite, and as it turned out, she was located in a small town on the south end of Mendocino County named Ukiah.  At Sundialed Ukiah they have embraced the cannabis community by hosting special events including Comedy Night, Puff N Paint nights and live music. Instead of bartenders, you have dabtenders, at the bar instead of ordering shots of tequila you can order eights of your favorite strain. This is what “Cheers” for the new generation looks like.

cannabis comedy night at Ukiah Sundialed cannabis lounge
cannabis comedy night at Ukiah Sundialed-photo by California Weed Blog

Puff & Paint night at Sundialed Ukiah

The Puff N Paint event was hosted by Painted Cellars, a local company that focuses on painting parties and classes. For $55 the Puff N Paint package included your painting supplies, refreshments and an eighth of their flower, grown and distributed by the owners of Sundialed. Their menu had a wide selection of  Indica’s, Sativa’s and Hybrids with some new flavors I haven’t tried yet. My strain for the night was Strawberry punch, and I was not disappointed.  Right on the point with the sweet smell of strawberries with the pungent smell of OG, it’s the perfect aroma to set the mood as I attempt to paint my first picture since High school art class. The hosts’ instructions were easy to follow, they made brush stroke recommendations for difficult parts of the sunflower and encouraged us to talk to our neighbors to keep the energy flowing. They created the perfect atmosphere with the right balance of support and creative freedom.

Strawberry Cough Ukiah Sundialed cannabis
Strawberry Cough Ukiah Sundialed- photo by California Weed Blog

Cannabis consumption lounges and what to expect.

Imagine walking into a bar that was designed for the cannabis consumer, and that’s what you see at Sundialed Ukiah. An outdoor consumption bar with comfy lounge seating, dim lighting, and music playing in the background. From dab rigs and bongs to grinders, lighters, and papers you will find everything you need to consume cannabis in a warm and welcoming environment. The staff was knowledgeable, pleasant, and definitely reflective of that Mendocino County vibe.

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Published: February 25, 2019

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