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California Cannabis Enforcement Agency Raids Unlicensed Dispensary

The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Investigation-Cannabis Enforcement Unit (DOI-CEU) and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) shut down an unlicensed dispensary this week, confiscating massive amounts of marijuana products in the process.

On Thursday, October 25, The LAPD assisted DOI-CEU as they served a search warrant at the One Stop Healers dispensary on Foothill Boulevard in Sylmar.

“All commercial cannabis activity in California requires a state-issued license from one of the state’s three cannabis licensing authorities,” stated the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) in a news release. “Selling cannabis goods without a state license is a violation of state law. Enforcement of unlicensed commercial cannabis activity may occur at the state and/or the local level.”

Law enforcement confiscated over $2 million worth of cannabis products from the dispensary, including nearly five-hundred pounds of flower, more than 430 gross pounds of concentrates, and over 200 gross pounds of edibles.

Police arrested the dispensary owner, Sevada Khanlari and six other employees on misdemeanor charges of operating a commercial cannabis business without the proper license. Pending further investigation, more charges may be added.

According to the release, the investigation was at the request of the BCC who had received a complaint about the dispensary.

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