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California plans ‘consumption lounges’ for cannabis tourism

Four months after California become the ninth US state to allow for recreational cannabis consumption, cities are viewing consumption lounges as a way to increase cannabis tourism. At present, California is the only state that allows recreational consumption outside of private homes, although not openly in public, and its cities are looking at ways to capitalise on this advantage. As landlords were given the right to regulate marijuana use on private property, consumption lounges are considered to be an attractive proposition for visitors.

California cities see consumption lounges as a way to increase cannabis tourism. Image: Fuse/Getty Images

San Francisco already allows on-site recreational cannabis consumption at six consumption lounges as well as at two outlets for medical consumption. West Hollywood will begin accepting applications in May from those looking to open their own consumption lounges, and it plans to grant 16 permits. Eight of the permits will allow for smoking and the rest will restrict use to vaping and edibles. This will place these cities in a good position to attract visitors wishing to smoke, vape or consume cannabis in public with impunity.

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Published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018
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