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California Regulators Say Cities Can’t Ban Recreational Marijuana Deliveries

The delivery issue was included in regulations drafted by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, which issues most retail permits.

Starting next year recreational marijuana will be available everywhere in California via licensed delivery operations, even in places that have banned pot businesses.

The Bureau for Cannabis Control has decided voters approved Proposition 64, legalizing recreational marijuana statewide, and if cities do not want businesses to operate in their jurisdictions, citizens are still entitled to access.

Del Mar was one of the cities in San Diego County that has banned recreational marijuana businesses within city limits.

Some people in Del Mar were happy to hear marijuana deliveries will not be banned in their city while others said they worry marijuana deliveries will bring more crime such as robberies and driving under the influence.

The California Police Chiefs Association shares that concern and believes marijuana deliveries will increase costs for local law enforcement.

Torrey Holistics, a legal and licensed marijuana dispensary located in Sorrento Valley, is the northern-most dispensary but has been unable to deliver to other communities in the North County.

Kyle Dukes, Delivery Operations Manager at Torrey Holistics said up until now, the regulations were vague as to where they could deliver.

“Most folks took the conservative interpretation that we should not go into those communities until the state explicitly says ‘You may go there’ which is what they’ve done now,” said Dukes.

He said if and when the new regulations take effect on Jan. 16, the dispensary will expand their service to approximately 20 additional deliveries per day.

“All customers will receive a compliant product from a legal service,” said Ruthie Edelson, Marketing Director and Educator at Torrey Holistics. “It’s really a safety issue more than anything for the customer and for the products they are receiving.”

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Published: December 18, 2018

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