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Cannabis Consumption Cafes Are Coming


(Photographer: Cole Burston/Bloomberg)© 2018 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP

While people can go to bars to drink alcohol, there’s no equivalent for those who want to consume cannabis socially. That could soon change.

At first glance, the Barbary Coast lounge in San Francisco looks like any other speakeasy-inspired hipster bar. With red wallpaper and red banquettes, it feels like the kind of hidden gem you’d slip in to for a customized cocktail.

But the patrons here aren’t sipping gin — they’re smoking, vaping and eating cannabis. Barbary Coast is one of the few legal spots in the U.S. where people can consume cannabis outside of their homes. That’s because although cannabis is legal in two-thirds of the states, there are few places where people are legally allowed to use cannabis publicly.

Because there are no federal standards, all the various states and localities that have legalized cannabis are coming up with their own rules and regulations.

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Published: January 23, 2019

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