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Cannabis Entrepreneur/Activist Nadir Pearson


I’m constantly intrigued by young people who have big dreams. Especially those who understand how hard it is to make a success out of themselves, like Nadir Pearson. Through my digging a bit deeper, I found that he has a personal connection to the Ardent Lift, which is the little machine that I find irresistible when I decarb cannabis. The Magical Butter Machine, or the LEVO are great next steps for edibles and drinkable cannabis, but that’s another topic for another day.

I had the opportunity to speak to Nadir at some length recently on the phone. I like that, participating in the on a phone methodology. Voice, instead of emails. Human contact, which is in my opinion, is of paramount importance today, especially in a world driven by electronic communication. Of course Nadir caught my attention by sending me an invite through my calendar. That is different from most of my calls. Nadir made it easy for me to speak with him. And when I finally got a chance to speak to him, what a well-spoken gentleman he is. Soft spoken, and kind as if he was smiling the entire time that we spoke. That trait certainly shows through. So, without delaying my exuberance for Mr. Pearson too much more, please allow me the honor of introducing him to you. Thank you.


WB: Tell me about yourself.  Where are you from? What is your six month goal? One year?

NP: During the day, I’m a senior at Brown University. At night, I throw on my entrepreneur cape serving as a digital strategist & founder/CEO of SMART (Student Marijuana Alliance for Research & Transparency) a national college cannabis organization. The joke is entrepreneurs don’t sleep, so day & night usually get pretty blurred in the hustle. Originally, I was raised in Clifton, New Jersey and attended  boarding school before making my way to the Ivy League. As I elevated through higher education, my spark for cannabis kindled in the shadows.

My first experience smoking weed at 15 left me with a heavy sense of betrayal towards our society. How could the taboo surrounding marijuana be rooted in the eating, laughing, and sleeping I had just enjoyed? So I dug further. To my surprise, there were countless stories of cannabis’ health benefits, so no my brain wasn’t being fried like the scrambled eggs I had been fed. In fact, marijuana had actually been legal in the early 1900s and accepted as a medicine in the 3rd edition of the U.S Pharmacopeia. Unfortunately, the stark reality was that the U.S government would use propaganda and, fear mongering to target and disenfranchise Black and Brown communities as “reefer smoking criminals” for decades. I discovered this truth at the age of 15, and as more legalization headlines trickled into the mainstream, my time to join the revolution would also come. The beginning of my sophomore year at Brown marked the full pivot from student-athlete to student-entrepreneur. Since that point, I’ve made the decision to share my cannabis journey with the world in order to raise awareness and pioneer the culture for the next generation.

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Published: March 06, 2019

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