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Cannabis Needs A Social Element To Compete With Alcohol On NYE

In a matter of weeks, people from all walks of life are going to get all gussied up and head down to their local tavern to get totally obliterated on beer, shots and a cutthroat variety of foo-foo cocktails – all in the name of bidding farewell to 2018. Drinking on New Year’s Eve is a sadistic tradition that goes back to the days of ancient Rome when alcohol was thought to have medicinal properties, and those all-important toasts like “Bibe multis annis” (Drink to a long life…or something to that effect) were taken in earnest. In fact, at the time, raising a glass to a person’s health was considered such a sacred gesture that the government actually passed a law making it mandatory for every boozehound in the land to give the old Hail-Hail to the emperor before taking a single swig.

Fast forward to present day and times have changed, but only to some degree. Sure, none of us are required to drink to President Trump’s health, but the bulk of America still likes to get ripped up on the sauce every chance it gets, especially on New Year’s.

recent study shows that the U.S. population consumes twice as many alcoholic beverages during the holiday season than any other time of year. That’s what we call two-fisted drinking here in Southern Indiana. It leads to the kind of full-throttle drunkenness that almost requires a stunt double to get to work on time the next morning.

However, nobody who hits the bottle these days is under the illusion that alcohol provides them with any health benefits. Even moderate drinkers — people who keep their booze consumption well below three to five drinks a week — understand that the occasional cocktail can cause a variety of health issues from self-loathing to liver cancer. Yet, most folks continue to knock em’ back with unbridled enthusiasm because let’s face it, there’s a reason cheers rhymes with beer. Alcohol is the most socially acceptable inebriant of all time. It’s everywhere, and the truth is it inspires much of the merriment (and anger and sadness) in the months, days and hours leading up to the new year.

But what about marijuana?

Well, now that the herb is finding growing acceptance in Canada, Uruguay and in parts of the United States, it could be said that this stoner substance has a fair shot at being recognized as the next party-time buzz for New Year’s festivities. Not only is marijuana a safer alternative to the old bracer, but it also catapults the user’s mind to another dimension without producing the spins, the pukes, or one of those savage hangovers where at least 48 hours of recovery time is needed to walk among the living. By all accounts, it would be hard to argue that smoking weed (or eating it, or using a vaporizer) isn’t a more civilized approach to being under the influence when the ball drops at midnight.

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Published: December 16, 2018

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