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Cannabis Videos Light Up Social Media with 3 Billion+ Views

On 4/20, otherwise known as international cannabis day, social media will light up with marijuana videos. But this subject hooks viewers well beyond the “high” holiday.

More than 150K cannabis-related videos were uploaded to social media platforms over the past year, garnering substantial views and engagements. This poses an opportunity for brands and publishers to explore.

Some quick insights:

  • Media companies and influencers generated 3B views of weed-related content on Facebook in the past 12 months and 701M views on YouTube.
  • Facebook is where the cannabis conversation is most potent, with 43.2K video uploads in the past year and 80.3M engagements in the past 12 months.
  • Media publishers generated 1.6B views on Facebook in the past year. This includes global publishers such as NowThis Media (which accounts for 270M views) and Business Insider (139M views).
  • One of the top influencers in the space includes Herb. This community of cannabis enthusiasts produced videos that garnered 190M views and 5.6M engagements in the past year.

Media Publishers Find Home for Marijuana Videos on Facebook

Marijuana Videos Light Up Social Media with 3 Billion+ Views
Top 10 Most-Watched Marijuana Videos on Facebook of the Last 365 Days. Data Exclusive to Tubular.

Facebook and YouTube have strict rules against the advertising or selling of marijuana on their platforms.

In February 2018, YouTube pulled a number of influential cannabis channels off its platform that were allegedly violating the platform’s policies. Many of these creators (including Loaded Up Entertainment, a cannabis-education portal which had more than 200,000 subscribers) have found new homes on alternative platforms including Vimeo and WeedTube, an online video portal which launched more than a year ago as a response to YouTube’s actions. (Coincidentally, WeedTube is releasing a WeedTube app this 4/20.)

Meanwhile, Facebook is currently home to the highest-performing marijuana-centric content. And organic conversations about the drug, on topics ranging from cannabis-themed cuisine to weed legalization, are driving billions of views.

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Published: April 19, 2019

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