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Celebrate 420 with CBD fudge sundaes and cozy comforters


If you’re living in Los Angeles and haven’t experienced—or at least been inundated with the praises of—CBD, then let us offer a little explanation. CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from the cannabis plant but doesn’t have the psychoactive property that gets you high. Among the claims of this super-trendy ingredient, which is making its way into everything from bottled water to body oil, are reduced anxiety and relief from inflammation and pain.

With many people actively embracing CBD (whether or not they also enjoy its THC-enhanced counterpart), the annual cannabis appreciation day this Friday, April 20th—better known as 420—now includes a lot more, er, artisanal ways to celebrate.

Enter Buffy and Van Leeuwen’s CBD chill session. The buzzworthy comforter brand and the bicoastal ice cream company have teamed up for the CBD event dreams are made of.

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Published: Tuesday April 17 2018, 11:23am
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