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Celebrate 420 with this cannabis-infused Thai noodle soup

Photograph: Courtesy Ayara Thai

Slurp ’em if you got ’em: One of L.A.’s best Thai restaurants wants to give you some green in a bowl of soup.

For one day only—and we bet you can guess which day that is—Westchester’s Ayara Thai is reprising its cannabis-tinged boat noodle soup, a spin on a classic Thai recipe that often called for marijuana, you know, strictly for culinary purposes.

Ayara’s generational team of chef Vanda Asapahu and her father, chef Andy, have dabbled with the beef soup before as an occasional special, tinkering with a stalwart that dates back to at least the 17th century and that food historians believe relied on marijuana, or kancha, to tenderize the meat.

The Asaphus simmer theirs for over 48 hours and, at their Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant, use more than 30 ingredients to make the broth alone. The blend involves pandan leaves, galangal, pickled lime, fermented tofu, blood and of course the most 420-appropriate ingredient, cannabis, which is added in a low, undisclosed dose, with the finished product ringing in at $26 per bowl. To top it off? Some house-made CBD-infused chili sauce, naturally.

The team is also baking up an April 20 exclusive: chocolate and coconut CBD blondies topped with a psychedelic tie-dyed frosting, at five pieces for $12.

Not to harsh the mellow, but per California’s Assembly Bill 2914—which went into effect at the start of 2019—it’s still technically illegal to sell cannabis products along with alcohol. Ayara is currently selling beer and wine to-go, so we say get the special dish while you can (though, again, it’s not the first time the soup’s been offered).

You can preorder Ayara’s boat noodle soup directly through the website and the blondies through a separate order page, or by calling 310-410-8848, and you can even choose a pickup time to ensure safe distance. Who knew we could literally pack a bowl this way?

Ayara Thai cannabis boat noodle soup
Photograph: Courtesy Ayara Thai

Ayara Thai is located in Westchester at 6245 W 87th St and is taking orders for its cannabis- and CBD-infused April 20 specials now; the restaurant is also open for regular delivery and pickup.

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Published: April 14, 2020

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