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Changing the Guard at MJ Biz Con 2019

Cassandra Farrington CEO opens MJ Biz Con scaled

Written by: R.W. Navis, Contributing Writer

The big week is finally here for the cannabis industry with MJBizCon starting this week in Las Vegas. Marijuana Business Daily Co-Founder and CEO Cassandra Farmington has been the guiding force for the tremendous success of what has become the Super Bowl of Cannabis. This week she will hand over the reins to Chris Walsh President and Founding Editor who has been at her side for several years now. 

Incredible Growth

MJBizCon has become a must attend event no matter what your position in the industry. Retail, wholesale, distribution, hi-tech, capital markets, finance and manufacturing are all well represented. Hard to imagine the start. According to Cassandra “We started 8 years ago with 402 attendees in Denver.”

This year there will be 35,000 in attendance which is up from 27,000 a year ago. Sort of surprising in a year where the public cannabis markets in Canada have crashed. Perhaps the stock plunge is overdone with such continued enthusiasm amongst the cannabis business community. 

A Critical Move

Three years ago, Cassandra orchestrated a critical move not only for MJBizCon but the cannabis industry in general. The show was doing quite well at the Rio, but they were getting stretched with space. “I felt we needed to move to the Las Vegas Convention Center if the industry was to have real credibility” says Farrington.  

What seemed like a risky move has turned out to be a boon for the entire cannabis industry. MJBizCon is perhaps the fastest growing conference in the US and without this move that would not have been possible. 


This year the event is being held in December for the first time and many were skeptical about the date. There is a very good reason for the change. MJBizCon now needs the entire Las Vegas Convention Center and the December 10-13 date was the only fit. Cassandra explained “We are so big now that our choice was either move the date to December or leave Las Vegas and that was not an option.”

A Full Week

MJBizCon now occupies an entire week starting with the Investor Intelligence Conference at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Dec 9 & 10. The big show kicks off on December 11 and continues for 3 days at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is so big now that to walk and see every booth would take a full day at least. Now if you get sidetracked with conversation make that two days. 

There are multiple side events going on depending upon your particular interest. Associations Day, Hemp Industry Daily Forum and the Science Symposium will all attract large crowds too. 

Cassandra will stay on with the company guiding future developments such as new conferences.

Published: December 09, 2019

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