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Cheech Marin is on a mission to nourish L.A. stoners with late-night food delivery business

He gave us Basketball Jones and Dave’s Not Here.”

He offered us “vato lessons.”

He’s endowing SoCal with one of the largest private collections of Chicano artwork.

And… well, we don’t watch Nash Bridges.

But now Cheech Marin wants to feed us. Specifically, the “us” that’s prone to waking up on the couch still irie as fuck at 1 with an uncontrollable need for brisket tacos and ice cream baring potato chips.

MSN dispenses the scoop today that Cheech is teaming up with Beetle House chef/owner, author, and self-described “boujee punker” Zach Neil on a new food-delivery business called Muncheechos.

The company, which has national aims, plans to begin by first serving New Yorkers, telling L.A. TACO it is still looking for a kitchen in Los Angeles. Once established, it will serve its menu of stoner-themed eats, with delivery offered until 3 AM. So you can find something to eat in that golden hour between Finding Bigfoot and SpongeBob Squarepants.

And what exactly will you be eating? It probably depends on just how blazed you are.

Two menus are currently shown on Instagram for the soon-to-launch concept. There’s the “Recreational Users” menu with dishes like “Dope Dumplings” in a Sriracha honey glaze, “Up In Smoke” brisket tacos, and mac-cheese-and-BBQ-chicken-topped “Muncheechos Munchachos” nachos.

Then there’s the straight-up “Stoner’s Menu” that goes a little heavier on the indica-inspired indulgence and questionable Dad puns. Here you’ll find egg rolls made with cookie dough, “Red Eye” ice cream with potato chips, maple blueberry pancake chicken lollipops, Lucky Charms-laced marshmallows, and, sigh, “Poo Poo Platters” combining coconut shrimp, hickory-smoked wings, cheese curds, duck sauce, and wonton chips.

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Published: November 10, 2021

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