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Coachella By The Minute: Weekend 2

Friday, April 20

2:45 p.m.  Almost hit a girl with my car as she darts through stop-and-go traffic to run into the bushes to pee off Avenue 52. She didn’t even look up as she locked eyes with the otherside of the street (aka the toilet). Never had someone else’s desire to piss cause me to almost piss myself. (Nate Jackson)

3:00 Despite Coachella’s attempt to ban marijuana the festival is covered in a haze of smoke clouds. Happy 420! (Cynthia Rebolledo)

3:11  I’ve spent the last six hours hyping myself up for what may be my final Coachella. The time has come. Let’s do this. (Josh Chesler)

LA Azules (Credit: Chris Victorio)

3:20 As soon as Los Angeles Azules started playing it felt like that Dave Chappelle show episode where he does a dancing social experiment. Everyone felt the cumbia running through their veins. (CR)

3:38 There’s more glitter on the walk in from the parking lot than at any strip club in Las Vegas. It’s borderline ridiculous. (JC)

3:40 It’s way too hot to be out here. But the fact that LA Azules seems to be attracting every half-naked, hip-shaking Coachellian on the field makes me forget to sweat the small stuff–like the sun. (NJ)

4:00 The significance of Los Angeles Azules playing Coachella in this trump era has me beaming with pride. (CR)

4:05 The Coachella version of modesty: Wearing a see-through mesh skirt over your highly exposed ass. Like “Sure you may see my booty but you’ll have to strain your eyes to enjoy it.” (NJ)

Credit: Chris Victorio

4:20 Say what you want about scheduling conflicts, but whoever slotted Skip Marley to be performing covers of his grandfather at 4:20 p.m. on 4/20 is an absolute genius. (JC)


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Published: April 23, 2018

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