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Cops Bust Alleged Pot Traffickers from Los Angeles

Doobie Kim, co-defendant cuffed; case involves $700K in weed, liquid THC

It all started with some suspicious boxes.

The Suffolk County Police Department on May 6 got a call from On Time Trucking in Farmingdale, LI.

Cops went to the scene. Some of the 14 boxes were damaged, so observers could see the marijuana they contained in clear, vacuum-sealed bags.

Each of the 144 bags had a pound of pot in it.

Their combined value was $650,000, prosecutors said.

After seeing that the shipment label’s address was for a business at 132-29 Blossom Ave. in Flushing, the Suffolk County police brought it into the 109th Precinct, which took over the investigation.

Officers called the number on the label and set up a delivery location and time: 132-29 Blossom Ave. last Wednesday at noon.

It was then and there that Doobie — yes, Doobie — Kim, 40 — that is his legal name, prosecutors said — of Los Angeles allegedly met with the undercover cop “deliveryman,” who was driving a white van.

Co-defendant Yeong Woo Choi, 35, waited nearby in a rented Chevrolet Suburban.

After the boxes were loaded from the delivery vehicle during the exchange, Kim was asked for ID.

He said he didn’t have it. So, the “deliveryman” put the boxes back into his vehicle. Kim said he would come back.

When he did later that afternoon, the defendant had his California driver’s license. It had his legal name, Doobie Kim, not the one on the shipment manifest.

The Los Angeles man insisted that he was in fact the shipper — it was just that his ID had his Americanized name.

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Published: May 16, 2019

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