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Craft cannabis meets mainstream appeal: New brand GoodGood debuts at Hall of Flowers

Family-owned Yellow Dream Farm is debuting a new brand next week at the cannabis industry’s much-anticipated Hall of Flowers event in Palm Springs, CA, called GoodGood – and the Company aims to showcase that boutique-quality, craft cannabis can be produced at scale. GoodGood offers cannabis connoisseurs and newbies alike a rich cannabis experience, at affordable prices. 

The new in-house brand is produced by San Bernardino County-based Yellow Dream Farm, which is previewing its curated, culture-driven product line at the upcoming industry show December 8 and 9. GoodGood’s product line includes a 1.0 gram pre-roll, an 8 pack of 1 gram pre-rolls, 5 gram small mylar bags, and a 3.5 gram jar. Each GoodGood product starts with meticulously selected strain genetics.

GoodGood aims to make a splash in the sea of cannabis brands by proving that craft, boutique cannabis can be grown on a large scale while retaining high quality, and can be sold at an affordable price. Yellow Dream Farm’s efficiencies and environmental controls like lighting, vertical farming, and feeding automation all make this possible. 

“We value our consumers for their unique style, trends, intelligence and abilities, and want to bring them a premium cannabis option to match their lifestyle,” Jeffrey Garber, CEO and Founder of GoodGood, told L.A. Cannabis News via email.

Focusing on the intersection of culture and cannabis, GoodGood is a boutique lifestyle brand driven to combine the cultures of cannabis and streetwear to create a community of like-minded enthusiasts. It offers its own line of high-quality cannabis products, partnering with musicians, artists, designers, celebrities, business people and athletes who share the same vision. 

Born in New York City and based in California, GoodGood’s geographic roots have brought an immersion in the fashion, sneaker, hip hop, and luxury scenes, which have all left their mark in the creation of the brand that’s sure to resonate with consumers seeking to enjoy cannabis that reflects their values and personal style. 

“The Hall of Flowers show has demonstrated its commitment to strong cannabis brands and elevating cannabis to a higher level of cultural relevance, which is what the GoodGood brand aims to do as well,” Garber added. 

Yellow Dream Farm is one of California’s best kept secrets, and is becoming a true leading cultivator, manufacturer, and distributor of cannabis products. With a state-of-the-art facility featuring vertical growing, deep market knowledge, cannabis industry experience, sophisticated high-end strain selection, and product innovation, Yellow Dream Farm is well positioned to be on the frontlines of innovation in the cannabis space. Uplifting the local community is a priority for Yellow Dream Farm, and the Company is currently employing around 50 people in the Adelanto region. 

Currently available at select cannabis retail outlets largely focused in the Southern California region, GoodGood will become available at additional cannabis retail storefronts throughout California in the coming weeks. To find available strains locally, click here. To visit Yellow Dream Farm at Hall of Flowers and learn more about GoodGood, stop by booth #B309.

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