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Daughters of The Notorious B.I.G., Jam Master Jay are opening a NY-Style Pizzeria in LA

The Notorious B.I.G. and Jam Master Jay’s daughters are bringing a taste of New York to Los Angeles.

Biggie Smalls’ daughter T’yanna Wallace and Jay’s daughter Tyra Myricks are opening the New York-style pizza spot Juicy Pizza, where they will serve your classic pies—cheese and pepperoni—alongside specialties like beef and broccoli, bacon, egg, and cheese, jerk chicken, chopped cheese egg rolls, and more.

Prior to this, the longtime friends were busy working on other business projects, until they noticed a very specific void that has been missing in L.A. “The more I thought about how to bring that New York theme to Los Angeles, I felt, who represents New York more than Biggie Smalls?,” Myricks told Business Insider. She also said she felt like there was “no good pizza in Los Angeles.”

The business partners will embellish the new eatery with quintessential New York features, like elements from subway cars, bodegas, and Biggie’s hit song “Juicy.” The pizzeria opens on June 12, where cheese and pepperoni will range from $4 to $5 for a slice or $23 and $30 for a whole pie.

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Published: June 09, 2021

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