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Deputies Shut Down Final Illegal Marijuana Dispensary

Locks changed and Walnut Street property returned to property owner

The final illegal cannabis dispensary in Pasadena was forced to close on Thursday morning.

“This morning Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies evicted employees of the illegal cannabis dispensary known as Kush 20 House at 1644 E. Walnut Street and returned lawful occupancy to the property owner,” said Code Commissioner Jon Pollard.

“A locksmith was on site to remove the ex-tenant’s locks and install new locks for the property owner.”

The operators of Kush 20 House lost a court battle last week after a judge ruled against an ex parte motion that would have stopped the eviction.

The city has fought to close illegal dispensaries for several years On Feb. 6, city officials announced they had closed 23 illegal cannabis dispensary permanently since August 2018.

In a 2-1 decision in December, Pasadena’s Code Enforcement Commission formally ordered the closure of Kush 20 House.

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Published: February 27, 2020

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