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Dr. Robb Farms Sees Triple Digit Growth Rate Since July 1st As Sales For California’s Compliant Brands Surge

Regulatory compliance hit the cannabis industry hard this summer, with empty shelves plaguing California dispensaries as soon as phase II testing and labeling standard went into effect on July 1. Most companies weren’t able to get complaint in time, citing packaging and testing issues, but one company—built on stringent standards from the start—has remained a go-to for clean, safe cannabis.

“One of our business models is to license our best-in-class operational and growing practices to other cannabis companies, this is what we do – “grow clean cannabis” – so when the new testing regulations came into effect, we were already compliant on that side,” explains Dr. Robert Flannery PhD, CEO and founder of clean cannabis company Dr. Robb Farms. “We have prided ourselves on clean production since the beginning, and ensuring our packaging and labeling is of the highest standards,  which is why demand is so high for our products.”

Dr. Robb Farms was born when Dr. Robert Flannery’s own mother was going through cancer treatment and sought recommendations for safely medicating with cannabis. The first PhD in the U.S. with certified technical expertise in growing commercial cannabis, Dr. Flannery found that no existing products on the market met his high standards for his mom, so he decided to make his own clean product.

While most brands are now scrambling to improve their products to become compliant with these new regulations, Dr. Robb Farms has been providing its customers with nothing short of the best since it first launched. Now, as Dr. Flannery explains, it’s able to set its sights on the horizon. “Our existing line is selling nicely and we are able to focus on exciting new initiatives like a curated vape-pen line with Rove and new product development,” he says. For more information visit:

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