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Drake confirms he was arrested by Swedish police on marijuana related charges

Drake has confirmed that he was, in fact, arrested by police in Sweden after days of his team saying that it wasn’t true.

The rapper recently posted an Instagram dump of some of his recent jaunts and included an image of what looked like a certification of arrest from Swedish authorities detailing his rights under arrest.

The document, issued by the Swedish feds – ‘Polisen’ – is titled Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained.

It explains Drake’s rights under Swedish law, including the artist’s right to know what he’s being detained for, and the right to legal counsel.

The post included what looks to be an arrest warrant from Swedish authorities. Credit: @champagnepapi/InstagramThe post included what looks to be an arrest warrant from Swedish authorities. Credit: @champagnepapi/Instagram

Drake is also allowed to contact his country’s consulate and have messages sent and received on his behalf. It’s unclear what the outcome of the arrest was but given he’s included the photo of the document alongside a bunch of other more frivolous snaps it suggests it’s probably amounted to little.

According to TMZ, the rumour is that Drake was arrested on marijuana related charges while partying at a Swedish club in the week – although it’s something his team had strenuously denied.

Could it be that Drake’s actually just having a laugh and posting a fake warrant in reaction to the rumour? It’s hard to know.

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Published: July 18, 2022

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