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Emerald Village launches ‘Please Respect Our Neighbors’ campaign

Businesses that are members of Emerald Village— the country’s first municipal cannabis tourism association–are increasing efforts to prioritize and promote cannabis safety and responsible use with the launch of “Please Respect Our Neighbors” campaign in time for National Cannabis Day and beyond.

Dispensaries like CALMA (owned by Jay-Z’s The Parent Company), Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS), LA Patients and Caregivers Group (LAPCG), MedMenZen Healing Collective and The Artist Tree–all members of Emerald Village West Hollywood will promote the message of responsible cannabis use by encouraging customers to not consume cannabis in public spaces. Each member of Emerald Village West Hollywood will be identified by an in-store Emerald Village sign with a QR code. The QR code directs customers to Emerald Village West Hollywood’s website, which includes a responsible use guide that lists best practices (Do’s and Don’ts), education on CBD vs THC, and Cannabis Tips and Tricks for cannabis users of all types.

“The City of West Hollywood has been at the forefront of the national discussion about the use of cannabis and has a long track record of supporting safe cannabis use for medicinal purposes and, more recently, in supporting responsible adult-use cannabis” said Scott Schmidt Executive Director of Emerald Village West Hollywood. “Our organization and members are proud to be in one of the only cities in the United States where you can enjoy discovering unique, unmatched cannabis experiences freely. The  “Please Respect Our Neighbors” campaign is an example of our commitment to respecting public spaces and a direct way for us to educate locals and tourists alike on how to consume and use cannabis responsibly.”

In celebration of National Cannabis Awareness Month and National Cannabis Day, all Emerald Village West Hollywood members will also host additional 420 activations and in-store promotions including free “Buy Weed from WeHo” tote bags with purchase (while supplies last) to help promote the “Please Respect Our Neighbors” campaign.

“When customers shop for cannabis in West Hollywood from an Emerald Village West Hollywood member and receive their complimentary ‘Buy Weed from WeHo’ tote bag, they’ll support our members and our messaging that Emerald Village is a safe space for cannabis culture. We hope everyone will visit West Hollywood during 420 Month and beyond and enjoy cannabis unlike anywhere else in the world” said Scott Schmidt.

Locals and tourists alike can also plan their National Cannabis Day adventures in West Hollywood by stocking up on wellness, medicinal and adult-use products with scheduled or same day delivery within 60 minutes or less and 2.5% less delivery tax than other dispensaries located in the city of Los Angeles.

To learn more about the Emerald Village West Hollywood, visit

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Published: April 14, 2022

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