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Entrepreneurs In California Taking Stake In ‘Green Rush’ of CBD

The legalization of cannabis in California and other states has led to a huge number of products that claim to treat all types of health problems. While the research into the healing properties of cannabidiol (CBD), is inconclusive, many local companies are hoping to cash in on the craze. CBD is increasingly being marketed to athletes.

“I’m training and surfing and just putting my body through so much wear and tear every day,” said Eli Olson, a professional surfer, and competitive jiujitsu fighter.

To help him with injuries and pain management, Olson is on a regiment of CBD products.

“CBD does not get you high, so we focused our company on health, fitness sports athletes because we really wanted to differentiate that factor,” said Stefan McKellar, co-founder Nanocraft CBD.

San Diego-based Nanocraft has its product in certified labs. California has strict quality control laws, but not all products sold online are the same.

“The FDA is testing these medicines periodically in a spot test and they found almost 70 percent of the CBD marketed online contains no CBD, or it has too much THC,” said Elisabeth Mack, founder of Hollistic Caring.

Mack is a registered nurse and helps consult patients on the best treatment

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Published: June 09, 2019

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