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Facial Shop Heyday Launches CBD Service

One of the Mowellens products used in Heyday’s new CBD service.HEYDAY

The phytocannabinoid CBD has become inescapable. In the last two years, the cannabis-derived molecule has hit consumer markets from food and beverage to health and skin care, available in a host of topical and ingestible forms. Rapper 2 Chainz gives a nod to the emergence of the lifestyle trend on YG’s 2018 track “Big Bank” in a verse that lists his proclivity for luxury goods: Goyard accessories, Rolls-Royce cars, fine jewelry, “and my CBD got chocolate on it.”

For how mainstream CBD has become, it’s still relatively opaque. “Right now, CBD is the chemical equivalent of Bitcoin in 2016,” Jason DeLand, an advertising executive and a board member of cannabis brand Dosist, aptly told The New York Times. “It’s hot, it’s everywhere, and yet almost nobody understands it.”

From an average consumer standpoint, the bullet points on CBD are that it isn’t psychoactive, it isn’t addictive, and in the right doses and application can soothe anxiety, promote a sense of calm, and even alleviate pain.

It’s also a promising up-and-comer in the skincare world, allowing optimization of active ingredients in other products, allowing them to more deeply penetrate the skin. In this industry, CBD is beginning to be seen as less of a standalone wonder and more of an ingredient to enhance one’s existing regime.

The full Mowellens product line-up used in Heyday’s CBD treatment.HEYDAY

Facial shop Heyday is jumping on the buzz — and the potential — with a new service exclusive to its sole Los Angeles location. Priced at $140, the 75-minute Back to Balance CBD facial begins by drinking a few drops of CBD tincture dissolved in water before heading in for a customized treatment using a suite of products developed by CBD wellness brand Mowellens in addition to non-CBD product.

Not a spa and not a salon, Heyday is part of a new trend in the beauty and wellness business that focus on a single service, like Drybar with blowouts or The Now with massage. In addition to the LA shop, Heyday operates five locations in New York City. Among its innovations in the space, Heyday has managed to collect insights with its Facial Record, a system that tracks what is observed and practiced in each treatment. Customers benefit from on-going personalization while Heyday is able to observe broad trends and adapt accordingly.

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Published: February 18, 2019

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