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Feds: Beware Of Fentanyl Disguised To Look Like Marijuana

SALT LAKE CITY (CBS Local) — Federal law enforcement officials are warning local police about a fentanyl product disguised to look like marijuana.

An internal law enforcement bulletin obtained by CBS affiliate KUTV describes the trend and warns law enforcement agencies across the country to be aware of the potential dangers.

The bulletin, which originates in Ohio, states the cannabis-looking substance tested positive for fentanyl, heroin, tramadol and traces of methamphetamine.

“A lot of emotions,” recovering addict Chris Ruflin said after looking at photos included in the bulletin. “I think a lot of death. I think a lot of people stepping into the realm of overdose unexpectedly.”

The fentanyl-disguised-as-cannabis products have been seen in Ohio and Canada so far.

KUTV reached out to multiple law enforcement agencies in Utah, who all said they have not seen this product on the streets yet.

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Published: October 22, 2019

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