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GCRC and Boulder Creek Technologies Join in CBD Holiday Giveaway To Help Patients In Need

Mike Robinson and the Global Cannabinoid Research Center are doing yet another big CBD and Hemp product giveaway to help offset the anxiety of the pandemic

In 2020 the Global Cannabinoid Research Center (GCRC) has broken every record when it comes to Compassionate Giveaways. Earlier in the year the entity gave away over 18,000 products in a 4 month flurry of giving as people panicked through the Spring worried about their health and hoping cannabis or hemp would be a potential answer. “Boulder Creek Technologies of Colorado helped us immensely earlier in the year and they just stepped forward to do it again. They donate full gallons of prepared oil at a time giving us the ability to easily fill bottles and get them out to consumers quickly. They make a very good product that consumers have enjoyed, it’s companies like them that set an example for others on how to give – they know why we’re in this industry.”

Chief Technology Officer Steve Bonde shared his input on compassion and their product line. “We recognize the usefulness of the plant and are committed to bringing it’s benefits to people in general. We are equally committed to using means of extracting beneficial compounds from the hemp plant without using flammable and potentially toxic solvents. We design our systems to do just that. Finally, we believe in helping those who can’t help themselves to the best of our ability”

The Boulder Creek Technologies Infusion System (IS-10) is a direct to infused oil system that efficiently extracts cannabinoids, terpenes and other lipid soluble compounds directly into an oil-based tincture. The IS-10 provides the capability to quickly and efficiently transfer full-spectrum benefits directly to the oil of choice. “In other words they have very high standards that allow them to make a pristine product that we’re beyond pleased to be able to give to less fortunate patients – often Veterans, the disabled, or parents of kids with disabilities – they’re all having a hard time affording products in the economic storm we’re currently in.” Robinson stated.

Recently Mike Robinson of the GCRC announced that two other entities had joined him in the Holiday Giveaway – DBC Infused and Rocky Mountain Bob’s CBD Gum. “Rocky Mountain Bob’s is also in Colorado but Jim Morey the CEO of DBC I know from here in California which is so exciting. Earlier in the year the GCRC created California Compassion, a division that honors the heroes of cannabis while also bringing focus to the need for compassionate gifting throughout the industry and not just in one state – but across the Globe. We gave it the California name as I wanted to honor Dennis Peron and the Proposition 215 team which wrote the first law back in 1996 to re-legalize cannabis as medicine again in the state of California. What’s ironic is that this state was also the first to enact statewide prohibition after the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act went into place. Most know that as ‘prohibition’.”

“Our goal is to hit a minimum of 2,500 products so we can wrap up the year at a total of 21,000 items that we’ve given away” said Robinson, “there’s been so many superstars that have given what they could over the last 9 months. Some people prefer to be compassion angels and donate funds to help cover postage. Due to all of the quarantines and curfews involved the cost of giving things away is far higher than it usually is. We’ve got astronomical postal fees nowadays coupled with the inability to pass out products easily in person like we once did.”

About Hemp Instruction Guide/Hemp Instruction Center/GCRC

The Hemp Instruction Center is a Division of GCRC, an up and coming research center in Santa Barbara California that concentrates on both plants and plant medicine. The Hemp Users Guide was created to educate and inform consumers about Hemp, it’s uses, it’s History, and it’s Future. It’s also a great avenue to allow the Hemp Industry another platform for news, media, and more

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