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Getting Involved in the Booming Marijuana Los Angeles Tourism Industry

Written by: Homegrown Nursery

As time goes on, the negative stigmas surrounding cannabis have lessened, allowing recreational use to become much more mainstream around the globe. This can be seen most prevalently in U.S. states like California and Colorado, which have gone down in history as true pioneers in the marijuana industry. And, as marijuana use continues to grow and become more widely accepted, so do the opportunities for new businesses. Consumers are now looking for new, exciting, and innovative ways to experience cannabis. 

With the increased demand for cannabis-related activities, now is the perfect time for you to explore the possibilities of starting a Los Angeles cannabis tour company or other marijuana-focused businesses if you’re an aspiring canna-preneur in L.A. Read on to learn more about the exciting opportunities that are stemming from the explosive $1.4 billion California weed industry, the top cannabis tours in Los Angeles, and how to successfully get your business up and running.

Top Cannabis Tours in Los Angeles

Because California was one of the first states to legalize weed in the United States, it provided budding entrepreneurs with some of the first opportunities in the country for growing operations, dispensaries, and other canna-businesses. As the largest city in the state, Los Angeles has always led the pack in terms of marijuana-focused products, business ideas, and activities. In fact, cannabis tours in Los Angeles were some of the first to not only focus on the recreational side of marijuana but also the education of consumers.

While some tourists (and locals) are simply looking to try something new, others are wanting to become true cannabis experts. Because of this, there are many different Los Angeles cannabis tours that cater to all types of guests! Here are some of the most exciting tour companies in the city: 

  • Recreational Bus Tours: Weed-centered luxury party bus tours, like the ones offered by Green Line Trips or Weed Bus LA, take guests to different dispensaries and lounges where they can try new products in a safe, welcoming environment.

  • Educational Tours: Informative and educational tours are provided by companies like Green Tours, or Weedology.  During these tours, guests get to experience new products while learning more about marijuana’s history, legal implications, and more!

  • Behind-the-scene tours: With comfortable options like LA Hemp Tours, guests will learn more about the growing process while trying new products and visiting multiple dispensaries throughout the city.

  • Product-Focused Tours: These tours—like the ones offered by MedToursLA—emphasize the importance of quality products. Guests will be taken to the best dispensaries in the city to learn about differences in products like strains, edibles, concentrates, and more.

Learn more about your favorite bud with marijuana Los Angeles tours.

Other Cannabis-Focused Business Ideas

While marijuana Los Angeles tours are some of the most prevalent cannabis-related businesses in the tourism industry, there are plenty of other opportunities that business owners are cashing in on. If you’d like to offer something a bit more unique to travelers or locals or both, here are several other popular ventures worth exploring:

  • Smoke & Paint (or smoke and create): These are similar to the ever-popular “sip and paint nights” where guests drink wine while painting or creating art projects—but with weed instead!

  • Weed & Wine (or other alcohol) Events: This involves combining marijuana with alcoholic-centered events like brewery, distillery, or vineyard tours. Since alcohol-related outings and events are already a popular choice for locals and tourists in L.A., this is the next step in the natural evolution of the sector.

  • Cafes: In Hollywood, certain cafes allow their customers to enjoy a delicious meal with a joint or edible. Their well-educated employees ensure that even newbie users can trust they’ll find the perfect fit to truly savor their food and experience.

  • 420-Friendly Lodging: From bed and breakfasts to hotels, providing weed-friendly lodging is a great idea for a new business venture—especially if you are already involved with, or have experience in, the hospitality industry.

  • Cannabis Lounge or Social Club: Usually found attached to a dispensary, cannabis lounges and social clubs provide a safe and legal space for consumers to gather and enjoy their favorite marijuana products.

  • Spas: Some spa owners are taking advantage of the healthy benefits of cannabis by offering CBD-infused treatments like soaks, scrubs, oils, and more.

  • Bars and Restaurants: Cannabis has become so mainstream in L.A. that you can now head to a 420-friendly restaurant or bar and peruse extensive menus of not only food and drink but your favorite weed products too. Employees are available to guide customers through the marijuana menu and recommend products that will enhance the eating and drinking experience.

Consumers all over L.A. are experiencing cannabis in new ways

Getting Your Cannabusiness Off the Ground

Before you open the next big cannabis café or start your own marijuana Los Angeles tour company, consider these important points first:


You’ll first want to consider how much capital will be needed to fund your business and how you’ll raise said money. Will you turn to private investors? Are you going to search out partnerships? Are there banks you can approach to help you with a loan? Or, will you be taking on all of the financial risks yourself?


Regardless of what type of cannabis company you plan to start, you should begin by researching and applying for the appropriate licenses to make sure you’re legally allowed to operate. Head to the city of Los Angeles’ website here  for more information.


For hotels or B&B’s, ensuring everything is up-to-code is essential. On top of this, you’ll want to make sure that all of your guests are aware of your rules and policies surrounding cannabis use before, and when they arrive.


After you have all of the licenses, legalities, and funds sorted for your company, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll brand and market your cannabusiness. Consider questions such as; who will be your core audience? Will your business cater to a broad market of users and non-users? Is your goal to educate people about marijuana, help them have a fun and exciting cannabis experience, or both? Once you’ve clearly defined your primary and secondary markets—and how you want to be viewed, or what you want to be known for—you can really start to hone in on your unique branding and marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

It’s certainly an exciting time to be involved in the marijuana industry—especially in Los Angeles where cannabis tourism and businesses are flourishing. Thanks to the decreased stigma surrounding marijuana use—and the increased passing of recreational use laws throughout the country—entrepreneurs are getting extremely creative with their 420-friendly business ideas. Whether you have an idea of your own or have found inspiration from this post to start your own cannabis company, we wish you all kinds of success with your next endeavor!

Aaron is the CEO and founder of Homegrown Nursery in California. For over 10 years, he has been helping cannabis entrepreneurs grow their businesses by providing first-class marijuana clones for sale in Los Angeles with verified genetics. An expert in all things marijuana, he takes pride in sharing his knowledge with other cannabis business enthusiasts.

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