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Growing the Advanced Way

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Michael “BigMike” Straumietis has been growing cannabis since he was 23. Here’s an inside look at the empire he created.

For two decades, Advanced Nutrients has led the industry when it comes to cannabis-specific plant foods. Learn the incredible story of how owner Michael “BigMike” Straumietis founded the bud-building brand as well as Advanced Nutrients’ plans for the future of cannabis cultivation, extraction, lab testing, packaging and delivery.

Advanced History

Growing the Advanced Way

Courtesy of Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients was founded by Michael “BigMike” Straumietis in 1999 when he saw an opportunity to create plant foods designed especially for marijuana growing. A cannabis cultivator since he was 23 years old, BigMike knew that the products available for feeding pot plants weren’t optimized to their full potential.

As a co-founder of Canadian Soilless Ltd. in 1996, BigMike recognized that the hydroponics industry was stagnating and, as he was soon to find out, terrified of any connection to pot growing. Ever since the DEA’s Operation Green Merchant, an offensive in 1989 that targeted marijuana-growing-equipment suppliers, companies refused to acknowledge that their products were being used to cultivate cannabis, even though they thrived on the business.

“It all happened because of fear and ignorance,” BigMike tells me. “We hired scientists to develop products explicitly for growing cannabis, and all of our competitors got nervous and boycotted us. Some of it is still happening to this day.”

Over time, BigMike revolutionized the hydroponic-nutrient business entirely, building Advanced Nutrients into a hundred-million-dollar-a-year company with current operations throughout North America, Eastern Europe, Germany and Spain, as well as sales in over 100 countries and growing. Advanced Nutrients now has 25 PhDs on staff who design and test cutting-edge marijuana-growing technologies, all backed by an unprecedented 100 percent money-back guarantee. Along with Tikun Olam in Israel and GW Pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom, Advanced Nutrients in Bulgaria is one of only three companies in the world with a federally licensed permit for cannabinoid research.

Growing the Advanced Way

Courtesy of Advanced Nutrients

Now on their seventh generation of nutrient lines, the scientists at Advanced Nutrients continue to create new pot-growing systems for farmers looking for consistently huge yields. As BigMike explains, “We don’t just provide nutrients—our line is a complete cannabis growth-manipulation system. We’re seeing growers achieve up to and over four pounds per 1,000-watt light!”

What separates Advanced Nutrients from its competition? “Science and research,” BigMike tells me. “Our products are made to grow cannabis, so they are tested on cannabis by scientists who specialize in it. None of this ‘tomato’ bullshit you hear from other companies. For example, it’s a complete myth that pot plants need a ton of phosphorus during flowering. We’ve been growing legally for over a decade and have discovered many marijuana-specific nutrient needs and fulfilled them. Our team is on the cutting edge and always looking for new breakthroughs in pot-plant growing technology.”

Giving Back

Growing the Advanced Way

Courtesy of Advanced Nutrients

The philanthropic work done by BigMike and Advanced Nutrients shows that they truly care about the growers and patients without whom the company couldn’t exist. This isn’t mere lip service but real financial help for those in need. After the recent fires that devastated growers in the northern part of the state, Advanced Nutrients donated $100,000 in cash and $100,000 in nutrients to the California Growers Association. Contrast that with Scotts Miracle-Gro CEO Jim Hagedorn, who reportedly gave $250,000 to the Aviation Hall of Fame the same month and nothing to the growers of NorCal.

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Published: May 16, 2018

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