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How Founder Jen Gotch Fights Back Against Travel Anxiety

Jasmine Safaeian 5916 R 1’s founder and CCO Jen Gotch.Jasmine Safaeian/Courtesy Jen Gotch

Scroll through Jen Gotch’s Instagram and you’ll stumble upon a mascara-running, tear-stained, anxiety-induced photo of her face soon enough. The chief creative officer and founder of, a Los Angeles-based accessories brand, has been very open—and we mean very open—about the anxiety and depression she has struggled with since her twenties. In an effort to kickstart and normalize conversations about mental health, she is incredibly candid with her 232K followers—a level of honesty not usually seen on the social media platform. And beyond sharing videos of her previous panic attacks and walking her followers through her lows as often as her highs, Gotch posts frequently about her travel anxiety, a roadblock for the C-suiter and founder who spends much of her time on the road for work.

Things that have triggered her travel anxiety in the past? A fear of hitting unexpected traffic, making it through TSA, finding her gate, getting on the wrong plane (she accidentally almost ended up in Chicago once), and so much more. In an Instagram Story posted last November, she shared how she was attempting to make it through the airport without a panic attack, stray tear, or breakdown. We caught up with Gotch to learn more about how she combats her anxiety on the road—and why she won’t let it get in the way of her love of travel.

When did your travel anxiety first show itself?
I had a really bad fear of flying that developed when I was in college, and I had my first anxiety attack in an airport. I told my parents about it and they say they had no idea what was happening. They thought it was hormones.

Much later, I ran into a friend on a layover. I was a mess—my thought was I had already been on one plane, and that by going on another one I was basically signing my death certificate and that we were definitely going down. She said, “Your odds of dying in your car in Los Angeles are so much greater than dying on this plane.” Immediately, my fear of flying was replaced by that thought. And I love being in the car!

Now, my travel anxiety is all logistic-based: all of a sudden, the feeling of being a little late for my flight, or on the wrong plane, or stuck in security, is very scary, which doesn’t make sense but anxiety sometimes doesn’t make sense.

What misconceptions do you face about travel anxiety?
I feel like there’s a general unawareness that travel anxiety is a thing. The first time I posted about it on Instagram, I was stunned by the amount of people who responded with “This happens to me and I had no idea what it was.” At the airport, I can just look around and see people struggling.

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Published: February 11, 2019

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