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How People Are Still Getting Busted For Marijuana At Airports

Getting busted with anything more than an ounce of cannabis in most parts of the U.S. is destined to get an unsuspecting traveler arrested and jammed up in the criminal justice system.

The legalization of marijuana in just a handful of states has made Americans gutsy when it comes to breaking drug trafficking laws. Ever since the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) came out and said that they “do not search for marijuana,” more toking travelers have been using the airways to smuggle weed from legal states into areas of prohibition.

And why wouldn’t they, huh? It is relatively easy to get small amounts of weed through security checkpoints, and there are no repercussions for those who get caught. What’s more is once the weed clears TSA personnel, there is no chance of it being found before it reaches its final destination.

Or is there?

It appears that law enforcement in states that have not yet legalized marijuana has made it part of their mission to try and stop travelers from bringing weed in from legal states. Police are now visiting airports and turning drug-sniffing dogs loose on people’s luggage before they are sent to the baggage claim. They want to make sure that the pot being purchased legally in 11 states is not finding its way to their neck of the woods. It’s a practice that, just last week, led to a few travelers, including a Little Rock attorney, getting arrested on possession charges, reports Arkansas Online.

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Published: February 03, 2020

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