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I added CBD hot chocolate to my bedtime routine and *spoiler* I’m never taking it out

My bedtime routine took a turn for the nonexistent ever since I started working from home (why does every to-do list item enter my brain at 10 p.m.?). And this, of course, resulted in less-than-great shut-eye. So, I started looking to integrate some easy, lull-me-to-zzzs pre-bedtime activities to help me wind down.

After hauling it to my local bookstore to stock up on some bedtime reads, the next step was getting some kind of soothing, sleep-time ritual in order. I was stumped… until I was introduced to Beam CBD Dream Powder. The hot chocolate blend of sleep-boosting nano CBD, vitamins, and minerals just has to be mixed in with water or your milk of choice—and boom: You’ve got an adult, de-stressing twist on everyone’s favorite chocolatey beverage with no added sugar.

And I count myself in with everyone (my favorite dessert combination is chocolate and chocolate, with a side of chocolate). So, I figured: Why not add this cocoa CBD drink into my bedtime routine to see if my go-to flavor can also send me straight to snooze-town?

Plus, according to Beam co-founder Matt Lombardi: “Of our customers who have purchased dream, 98 percent of customers reported falling asleep faster after taking dream powder*.” And 99 percent experience better sleep quality, he adds. All signs pointed to next stop: snooze-town.

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Published: May 31, 2021

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