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I laced my sister’s wedding cake with marijuana and guests got high as kites

Newlyweds and their guests were on a high after the bride’s brother baked a “magical” cake.Jam Press/@alvaroelias_

This marriage started off on a high note.

A man in Chile turned a wedding into a stoner’s paradise when he baked his sister a “magical” wedding cake laced with marijuana — and had guests dancing all night.

Alvaro Rodriguez, 29, spiked just one of the seven tiers of his sister’s bridal cake with cannabis, which is decriminalized but illegal to produce and sell in the country.

The Santiago resident scored 13 million views of his TikTok video which shows the newlyweds cutting into the cake before 20 of the 100 wedding guests go buck wild on the dance floor, laughing the night away to the tune of Sak Noel’s “Loca People.”

“It was good fun,” Alvaro told Jam Press. “The funniest reaction was my aunt. I remember her back hurt, and two hours after eating cake, her pain disappeared and she was up dancing like a teenager.”

Alvaro said that “everyone was made aware” that the cake had “magical” powers and was not given to underage guests.

“Everyone was made aware of it, and after the cake was cut, we made sure it was kept apart from the others and served only to adults,” he noted.

The bride even asked him for the special cake after having a happy experience with “magical brownies.”

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Published: March 25, 2022

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