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Illegal pot shop owners to be billed for cost of regulation

The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to approve a new measure charging landlords and owners of unlicensed pot businesses for costs associated with shutting them down.

The measure comes after city officials estimated millions of dollars would be needed to crack down on unlicensed dispensaries and pot shops. Budgetary increases for illegal cannabis enforcement could go from around $3 million this year to around $30 million in the next city budget, Mayor Eric Garcetti said in March, the same month the City Council unanimously approved cutting water and power to businesses that failed to obtain a cannabis sales license.

“Our taxpayers should not be the ones to bear the costs associated with enforcement and I look forward to bringing this policy citywide to ensure that those engaging in illegal commercial cannabis activity be brought to justice,” Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez said.

Materials used to secure facilities and staff hours for those engaged in shutting down illegal operations are among the bevy of enforcement actions landlords foot the bill for.

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Published: July 03, 2019

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