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Illegal Weed Grows Are Part of California’s Ongoing Weed Woes


California is still making its way through the weeds (thanks, I’m here all week…) as far as its adult-use cannabis program goes, and the focus lately has been working for the clampdown on the illicit marketplace. A few recent activities give insight as to how that’s going.

Let’s start with illicit growing, which is seemingly going as strong under legalization as it was before. Proof can be found in a recent bust in Santa Barbara (where, to be fair, you pretty much need to grow and sell this much untaxed weed to afford to live there).

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department reported that on June 17, a multi-agency force descended upon a commercial grow site which had “fraudulently obtained State temporary and provisional cannabis licenses and the suspected sales of undocumented cannabis.”

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Published: July 02, 2019
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