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Inside Stoney Slice, L.A.’s exclusive, underground Neapolitan cannabis-infused pizza parlor

Inside Stoney Slice , L.A.’s exclusive, underground Neapolitan cannabis-infused pizza parlor:

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find a private cannabis chef cooking weed-infused pizza à la Naples, Italy, in a wood fire oven.

The exclusive Stoney Slice exists in the liminal private-bordering-illicit cannabis chef world, where it’s not quite accessible to have a storefront, and it’s not possible to serve pizzas in dispensaries due to single-serving regulations.

“For pizza, the category doesn’t exist yet,” says founder and head chef of Stoney Slice, Kashka Hopkinson. Which is what makes the experience so unique. The pizza that Stoney Chef offers up through limited-order are made fresh and using limited quantities. Its recipes are enough to make an Italian chef swoon, with the added strength of a potent edible. The pizza is out of the box, so-to-speak, following a feature in the LA Times.

Stoney Slice’s menu orbits indulgent, elevated versions of classic pizza. Recipes include a traditional Margherita pizza with fresh Mozzarella and a light, basil-heavy sauce; a BBQ chicken pizza with homemade BBQ sauce and fresh cilantro; an indulgent dessert pizza with a layer of marshmallows and weed-infused Nutella. Customers can request the edible strength they want in each pizza starting at 30 milligrams of THC up to 100 milligrams. The chef also told me he will make pizzas that extend that milligram count for medical cannabis patients or those with higher tolerances.

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Published: September 14, 2021

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