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Jay-Z Details New Cannabis Brand ‘Monogram’

Jay-Z has offered a few new details about his upcoming cannabis line, Monogram, created as part of his partnership with Caliva. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Rapper helmed new line as part of his role as Chief Brand Strategist for cannabis company Caliva

One year after becoming Chief Brand Strategist of the California-based cannabis company Caliva, Jay-Z announced his first marijuana line entitled Monogram.

The line launched with a new website and Instagram to tease the new Monogram wares, though no details about specific strains or products were released. A press release said of the brand, “With its careful strain selection, meticulous cultivation practices and uncompromising quality, Monogram seeks to redefine what cannabis means to consumers today.”

It’s also unclear when Monogram products will be available in dispensaries, and whether or not they will just be available in California or other states where marijuana is legal. The company also plans to launch a “best in class e-commerce platform dedicated exclusively to its singular product line.”

Jay-Z joined Caliva as Chief Brand Strategist last July, striking a deal for a multi-year partnership to help out with creative decisions, outreach efforts and strategy. The role, however, was also designed for the rapper to focus on social justice issues surrounding legalization, such as improving representation and participation of previously incarcerated people who are still being kept out of the legal weed business in large numbers.

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Published: October 23, 2020

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