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Jeanie Buss reacts to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s attempt to teach her how to smoke weed


Jeanie Buss, the controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, is certainly a busy woman, but former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson wanted to know how she unwinds.

On a recent episode of the “All the Smoke” podcast, Barnes and Jackson suggested they teach her how to smoke cannabis as a way to relax.

“What do you do to relax? Do I need to teach you how to smoke weed?” asked Barnes.

“We can roll you one,” quipped Jackson. “It’s legal.”

“I have a dog, so that helps,” said Buss. “I took a comedy course on how to do standup comedy, not that I’m funny. I like doing different things. Yesterday, I got to go to the movies. That was taken away from us for a year.”

Buss is the daughter of former Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss, who purchased the team in 1979 and died in 2013.

The younger Buss’ early days as an owner of the Purple and Gold were very stressful, as the team missed the playoffs for six consecutive seasons.

But with the signing of LeBron James in 2018 and the trade for Anthony Davis a year later, the Lakers returned to the NBA’s penthouse by winning the championship last year.

The 2020-21 campaign has been a strange one for the Lakers, as James and Davis have missed considerable time with injuries.

But Davis is set to return on Thursday, and there’s still a belief that if healthy, the Lakers will earn the younger Buss yet another Larry O’Brien Trophy this summer.

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Published: April 23, 2021

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