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Karachi remains second-largest consumer of cannabis in the world, L.A. at 4th

41.95 tonnes smoked in 2018, according to the Weed Index-2018. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Karachi, where marijuana is illegal, remains the second most cannabis consuming cities in the world with almost 41.95 tonnes used in 2018, according to the Weed Index-2018 report.

New York takes the top spot with 77.44 tonnes and New Delhi comes in third with 38.26 tonnes use of the drugs.

The top ten list also includes Los Angeles, Cairo, Mumbai, London, Chicago, Moscow and Toronto respectively.

Last year, Karachi had been ranked as the second-largest consumer of cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, among 120 cities, according to a study by Seedo, an Israel-based company that sells devices to grow marijuana at home.

The next door neighbor, India’s New Delhi and Mumbai were also placed among the top 10 cities of the world with the highest rate of marijuana’s consumption per year, confirmed by Seedo’s 2018 Cannabis Price Index.

It is known that such South Asian cities manage to sell the cheapest marijuana in the world, approximately priced from Rs100 to Rs500 for a gramme of lower quality.

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Published: January 05, 2019

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